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Dr. Ramon Lawrence
Founder of UnityJDBC (NoSQL (MongoDB/Splunk) and SQL Multiple Database Querying and Integration)
Database Consulting for Database Design, SQL, NoSQL, and Big Data systems
Professor, Computer Science
Director of Distributed Database Laboratory
Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science
University of British Columbia Okanagan
ASC 349, 3187 University Way
Kelowna, B.C., Canada, V1V 1V7


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As a Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, my research areas are data virtualization, data integration and warehousing, embedded databases, and Big Data analysis. If you are a student, you may be interested in courses that I am currently teaching. My database expertise has led to the founding of a company called Unity Data Inc. that has JDBC drivers for allowing SQL queries across sources (data virtualization) including NoSQL sources such as MongoDB, Splunk, and ServiceNow. I have also performed software consulting for Fortune 500 companies such as GE. If your organization requires database expertise from "small to Big Data", contact me for a requirements discussion.



Database consulting services are provided for companies large and small. Current and past clients include Fortune 500 companies Bayer, Monsanto, GE, and Reimer Express Lines Ltd. (a division of YRC Worldwide), and local Kelowna companies such as SkyTrac. Unity Data Inc. provides database services including database design, database optimization, application development, data migration and cleaning, data warehousing, data virtualization, data integration, and software development. Contact for a no obligation requirements assessment and quote.



My research expertise spans a wide area of database systems with focus on database tuning and performance, integration, and interoperability. The Distributed Database Laboratory has built two SQL relational engines: one in Java for data virtualization which is used in UnityJDBC and a second for embedded sensor nodes written in C called IonDB. Applied research included a partnership with the City of Kelowna that built a parks management system to reduce the cost of parks maintenance, algorithms for path finding in video games that use pre-constructed databases, and the Digital Archives Database Project (DADP) for storing historical M├ętis records.

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September to December 2023

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* UBC Okanagan Computer Science