2019  WORKSHOP on

          Variational Analysis and Optimization



Scientific Objectives

The workshop will feature a series of presentations on convex analysis, nonsmooth analysis and optimization, ranging from monotone operator theory, optimal control to numerical optimization algorithms. Variational analysis and optimization are central areas of science and engineering and at the heart of recent progress on machine learning and other areas. This workshop will bring together a mix of local and international, junior and senior researchers of diverse backgrounds. Optimization is one of the disciplines in the multi-disciplinary area of machine learning which also draws researchers from statistics and computer science.

Time and Place

August 12-13, 2019 at UBC Okanagan.

All talks will be in LIB 312. (LIB = Library)

Registration is free but email Heinz Bauschke so that we can plan accordingly for ordering food etc.

Participants (confirmed - this list will be updated regularly)


In the following, "Monday" refers to Monday August 12,
and "Tuesday" stands for Tuesday August 13.